Sources of digital and ICT skills

Whilst ‘Head hunting’, ‘Recruitment agencies’ and ‘Online recruitment platforms’ are still dominant ways in which organisations source digital/ICT talent, there is also a shift to new-world business models. Notably, ‘Employment accelerators’ and ‘Gig economy/digital platforms are on the rise, along with tapping into ‘Work-at-home talent’. This shift reflects the worldwide trend to recruit crowdsourced, staff-on-demand and virtual workforces. Moreover, it points to the compelling value propositions that social enterprises and employment accelerators provide to facilitate in demand talent/skills and  solve unemployment challenges. It seems that many organisations prefer the cost-fulfillment benefits of outsourcing work to foreign markets (as evidenced later in this report) as opposed to importing these skills on fixed-term or long-term relocation contracts.  This is reflected in the chart above  where only 11% of respondents import foreign skills on fixed term contracts (while 69% of respondents to this survey outsource digital work to other markets).