About the research

Harambee Youth Employment Accelerator has been deploying several initiatives to substantiate, identify and understand challenges in the digital and ICT skills space, issues in the ecosystem, pain points for employers and the most in demand skills that they require.


The Harambee Mapping of Digital and ICT Roles and Demand for South Africa Survey serves to provide actionable insights for this process. It also provides, in granular detail, an understanding of:

  • The size and nature of offshoring of digital demand out of South Africa.
  • Which digital roles are in high demand – current and future.
  • The core roles and responsibilities of high demand digital roles (including a common understanding of the nature of these roles).
  • The nature and level of competencies required for high demand digital roles.
  • What the core skills gaps are in order to meet the high demand opportunities.


“At a time of much needed economic stimulus to thwart the economic downturn, this data driven and substantive quality output, has presented itself at the most opportune moment. I am particularly pleased to see the in-depth understanding and analysis of the market as it aligns opportunity to demand. This in my view is the key prerequisite in addressing the skills deficit and reducing the rate of unemployment thereby creating economic recovery and prosperity. Coupled with this roadmap, the key now is leadership across all levels and sectors for us to build upon the unquestionable promise and opportunity to revive economic bliss and inclusivity”.
Ziaad Suleman, SA Chair of 4IR at BRICS, IBM COO Southern Africa, PPGI Skills & Digital Transformation Leader